Re-brand the Communication Strategy of Aeropostale Canada.

Our main strategy was to increase the brand awareness among the population, especially with youth as the main target (between 14-21 year old). To approach the main target of the young age, we figured out that youth always desire "FREEDOM". So the new concept we brought for the brand was “Be The Real You”.

On this project, we created a Fashion Design contest, Event that would be attended by the Brand Ambassadors or nowadays are known as "Influencers", and changed the Online Store designs. We also brought a technology innovation for the new shopping experience in the stores with Visual Mirror.

Presentation & Concept

  • Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Billboard Design Concept
  • New Online Look
  • Contest Materials
  • Event Concept

Click on the picture below for the Presentation Slides.

Billboard Design Concept

Renew the billboard design was one of the most important steps in increasing the brand awareness.

The concept we brought in was to attract more of our main target, which was youth between 14-21 year old.

New Online Look

In term of Online Store, we would like to renew the Aeropostale’s Online Website look to be more chick and sophisticated. It would look more attractive with LookBook (Photography) concept that provides blogs and/or videos about fashion tutorials and trends. The blogs also could about the fashion history, interview with the fashion designers and influencers, and many more.


We would like to bring new concept of the online look to be "Full-Look". Being said, not only the picture of the clothes itself, but also comes along along the pants, skirts, or any accessories that fits to the clothes. Beside it's more attractive, it also would give ideas to the audiences about updated fashion.


If we see Aeropostale's Online Shop website, it would not attract the audiences to purchase their product. We came up with an idea to renew the pictures that would be posted on the website with "Photography Concept" that the pictures would have a "story" behind each picture.


This page would only to expose single-item only, such as picture of selling a hat, or shoes, and other accessories. The picture should be communicative to attract the audiences.

Contest Materials

We figured out that Aeropostale's social media platforms (especially for Canadian based) did not have adequate followers. We came up with a Contest idea to increase engagements with the audiences and to get more followers for each social media platform. We designed different size of contest materials for each social media platform (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook), because every platform has different algorithm, size and pixel of the pictures.

Event Concept

The Event would be in the shopping centres, which would be located close to Aeropostale's store in each shopping centre. The Event would be attended by Aeropostale's Brand Ambassadors and 5 Top Winners of the contestants. The objective of the Event would also to introduce the newest brand concept and technology innovation (Visual Mirror).